Update your details

We know how important it is that you receive information about your pension or receive your pension payment on time. It is therefore essential that we keep your records up-to-date. The forms below can be used to let us know of any changes to your personal details.

Expression of Wish Form

MPS members can name the person or persons they would like to receive any cash sum payable on their death by completing an Expression of Wish form. The Trustees have a discretionary power to pay any cash sum on death to a relative or dependant rather than to your estate. Although (mainly for tax reasons) the Trustees cannot be bound by your nomination, they will able to take your wishes into account. You can download a form for completion here, or you can ask the Scheme Administrator to send a copy to you. 

If you have previously completed an Expression of Wish form, please think about whether your circumstances have changed as it might need to be updated.