Incorrect tax code update

22 March 2018

We can confirm that the recent error, in which some MPS members were mistakenly issued with incorrect tax codes, has now been rectified by Capita Employee Solutions (“CES”) and HMRC in time for the next payment of MPS pension to members at the end of March. Correct tax codes are now held on MPS records.

We understand that some members have received more than one incorrect tax code from HMRC. HMRC have been working with CES on fixing all the codes as a matter of urgency and in the majority of cases the fix they instructed has worked and automatically corrected the tax codes. In a small number of cases it has not corrected the tax codes properly on HMRC’s systems and HMRC are looking at a further fix to these cases. The Trustees apologise that this has happened but would like to reassure members that these incorrect codes are being dealt with and will be corrected by HMRC. We expect this to be resolved as a matter of urgency.

Members have also been contacted by CES to apologise for the error and explain the situation.

A very small number of members who have income sources in addition to their MPS pension, that are not paid at month end, may see a change in those other payments until the PAYE system corrects their tax position. Any member affected by this should contact Capita (Phone: 0333 222 0077 Email:, who will then ensure they are not placed at a financial disadvantage.

The Trustees acknowledge and apologise for the distress, confusion and inconvenience that these errors have caused to members. The Trustees continue to follow up the incidents with CES to ensure that all members who experienced problems have had their original position correctly reinstated as quickly as possible. A full report and review of the incident will be considered by the Trustees as soon as the matter has been fully resolved.