Protecting your pension

29 April 2021

Thousands of people have lost their pension savings after falling for a pension scam. Your pension is worth a lot to you, which means that it can be worth a lot to other people as well. This is why you could become a target for a pension scam. Pension fraud can come in many forms and making sure that you take steps to protect yourself and your pension may feel overwhelming. We’re here to help.

Unsolicited phone calls, text or emails are just some ways that fraud can occur. We have even been made aware of scam attempts being made by fraudsters who have visited people’s homes pretending to be from their pension schemes. Please be aware that the MPS would never send members of staff to your home out of the blue, or contact you explicitly to ask for personal or financial information. If you are in any doubt about the validity of a communication from the Mineworkers’ Pension Scheme, whether online, over the telephone or in person, please contact us directly. Our contact details can be found on here.

The Mineworkers’ Pension Scheme has taken the Pensions Regulator's scams pledge and is committed to combatting pension scams. Further details on how to help protect you and your pension from potential scams can be found here.