ID checks on overseas members

04 March 2021

From time to time we write to our members to check they are alive and well, and receiving the benefits they’re entitled to. To keep your pension benefits safe and secure, we need to make sure the right people are getting the right pension at the right time.

The Scheme does have a number of pensioners who live overseas and so we carry out manual checks on a random sample of these members on a yearly basis. To do this, we are using IDself, a digital identity verification portal, provided by a company called ITM.

If you live overseas and receive a letter from the Scheme in relation to these checks, please make sure you follow the steps detailed in the letter. It is important that you do this as, if we’re unable to verify your identity, we may need to pause your payments until we can carry out further checks.

If you receive a letter but are not capable of following the procedure, for example, if you are incapacitated/in a care home/hospitalised then please contact us straight away to let us know. We can be contacted on or on 0114 2536444.

This is a genuine exercise conducted by the Mineworkers’ Pension Scheme. If you have any concerns about pension scams, please contact us for reassurance using the details above.