Unable to work due to ill health?

08 January 2019

Following the 2017 Actuarial Valuation, the Trustees have been able to use part of the Scheme’s surplus to provide immediate, unreduced benefits to deferred members who are unable to undertake any form of employment due to physical or mental deterioration in their health.

If you think that you may be eligible to receive your benefits early due to ill health, you can apply by writing to the Administration Office at the address below. You will need to provide:

  • Your Scheme number or National Insurance number; and
  • Professional medical evidence which confirms that you are unable to undertake any form of employment and are unlikely to be able to do so before you reach age 60. 

The Scheme’s Medical Adviser will review all applications and may request that you consent to an examination if necessary. This benefit can only be provided if the Scheme Medical Adviser agrees that you satisfy the criteria. If your application is unsuccessful, you could appeal the decision and obtain an independent medical report at your own cost.

If your application is unsuccessful, you would still be able to consider early retirement at the reduced level under the normal arrangements.

The amount of money that the Trustees have been able to set aside to provide this benefit is limited. In the event that all of the funds are used up, or if the Scheme experiences a future deficit, these benefits may be withdrawn to future applications.
Address for applications:

Mineworkers’ Pension Scheme
PO Box 555
Stead House

For more information about your benefits at retirement, please click here.

You can find the contact details for the Administration Office here.