Improvements to the Scheme website

09 July 2018

Following the receipt of feedback from Scheme members, we have refreshed the MPS website to improve its look and usability. We have collected data from the site which has allowed us to find out which pages are accessed most frequently by our members, and the results have been reflected in some of the changes made. For example, “Latest News” now has a more prominent position on the Homepage, and a “Useful Information” section, including forms to update your personal details and information on keeping your pension secure, can now also be found on the Homepage. Whilst we have made some improvements to the look of the site, the content has not been changed.

We are committed to making Scheme communications as understandable and as accessible as possible. Therefore, if you would like to provide any feedback on the changes we have made, please click on the grey “Feedback” tab on the right hand side of the Homepage.