Scheme Publications

The Scheme provides a range of publications for members, which are available from the Administration Office. Some of these can also be downloaded from the Scheme’s website. See the list below for the full range of publications available on this website.

These may be downloaded and viewed on screen or printed if you wish.

To access a publication please click on the item you wish to view. Please note that some publications such as the Scheme Handbook, are large and may take a little time to download.

The Scheme Handbook has now been updated to reflect changes to date. For more up to date information please read the ‘About Your Scheme’ and ‘About Your Benefits’ pages of the website.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, or similar PDF Reader, installed on your computer. If you do not have this software installed click here for your free copy.

If you cannot find the publication you require please contact the scheme secretary. See Contact Page.

Pensions Newsline

The Trustees send this regular newsletter to Scheme members. If you do not receive copies, or would like any previous edition, please contact the administration office.

Actuarial Valuation Review and Report

The Scheme’s Actuary carries out a review or valuation of the Scheme usually every three years. Scheme members can ask for a copy of the latest valuation report.

Annual Report and Accounts

The Trustees produce an annual Report and Accounts which includes a report from the Committee of Management and a financial review of the year. A summary of the Report and Accounts is always included in the spring edition of Newsline, but any Scheme member can ask for a copy of the full Report and Accounts.

Statement of Investment Principles

The Scheme is exempt from producing a Statement of Investment Principles (SIP) under the Occupational Pension Schemes (Investment) Regulations 2005. However, under Clause 9A of the Scheme and Rules the Trustee is required to prepare and maintain a written statement of the principles governing decisions about investments for the purposes of the Scheme. The Statement is reviewed annually and immediately after any significant change in investment policy.

The statement covers a range of issues including the Trustee’s policy in choosing investments, the type and proportion of investments held, the expected return on investments, and disinvestment.

Data Protection

It is necessary for the Trustees to hold and process personal data about members. This data will be used by the Trustees and their advisers and service providers, to calculate and pay benefits, to communicate with members, for statistical and reference purposes and to administer the Scheme.

This information and its use have been registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 which gives individuals certain rights to ensure that the information is accurate and that proper security is maintained. The Trustees require all their service providers to abide by the eight Data Protection principles in the handling of member data.

As a member of the Scheme, members agree to provide such personal data to the Trustees and consent to the processing of it. If a member’s circumstances change at any time in the future, they should inform the Administration Office as soon as possible to ensure the information held by the Trustees remains accurate.