The legal document which governs the operation of the Scheme is the Mineworkers’ Pension Scheme Rules. This is a document which started as a set of Government Regulations laid under the Coal Industry Act 1994. Since 1994, all changes to the Rules of the Scheme have been made by Government, after consultation with the Committee of Management. Other relevant provisions are contained in the Government Guarantee, the constitution of the Trustee Company and the general law covering pension schemes.

The information on this website is a guide to the main terms of the Scheme Rules, which apply to pensioners and deferred pensioners, and it should be treated only as a guide. It may be revised in the future in the light of changes to the Scheme, changes to the law and regulations governing pension schemes.

The Rules of the Mineworkers’ Pension Scheme, and other legal documentation, contain the Scheme’s full provisions and override any information on this website in the event of any inconsistency. A copy of the up to date version of the Rules is available from the administration office. The original Regulations are available from HMSO under the reference S.I. 1994 No 2577.

References to employment with British Coal include employment with any other employer which entitled coal industry employees to a pension under the Scheme.

This website reflects pensions and taxation law and practice as at summer 2010. However, please be aware that these may change in the future.

As well as the Scheme’s website, there are publications and reports which give more information about the Scheme. These can be obtained on request from the Administration Office, or can be accessed via this website.

Full details of how to contact the MPS are given on the Contacts page.